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Find out more about how Vox.Bio market insights break the mould, advancing healthcare through our unrivalled understanding.

Meaningful insights for when it matters.

We make it our mission to uncover more meaningful insights by knowing where your customers’ choices are coming from. By understanding every decision driver, we ensure that your next step is informed by your audience’s needs — Giving you the power of knowing that your strategy will succeed.

Built around your specific business needs.

Offering a bespoke approach, we work as an extension of your team to understand every business challenge inside out. With Vox.Bio, you can benefit from a partner who puts you first and unlocks the unexpected for your business.

Powered by the bigger picture.

Our specialist market insights team is powered by the Cambridge Healthcare Research group. This means that you’ll not only benefit from access to our extensive experience of the industry, but you’ll also have confidence that you can apply every insight we uncover across your business’ bigger picture.

Unlocking the unexpected with Vox.Bio

Vox.Bio extends the expertise of our clients in pharmaceutical, consumer health and medical device industries. We believe that business problems need to be understood inside out for the brightest ideas to reach patients. To ensure your offering is optimised for your market, we’d love to talk to you about the challenges your business faces.

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"First of all, thank you very much for your great work in managing this project, generating interesting insights, and preparing such a high quality final presentation. I’m really pleased to inform you that after the meeting, our Global Business Unit Head personally thanked me for delivering this MRx. I think this report, presentation, and the discussion we had in 70min was exactly what he wanted to have. Thank you again for your hard work. I have already shared with colleagues, the idea to run similar research in early launch markets for our other brands."
Business Planning & Insights Lead, Rare Diseases