Joshua Chan

Joshua Chan

Data Analyst, BSc (with intercalated year)

Joshua joined the Vox.Bio team in 2021 after graduating from the University of Warwick with a BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, with an intercalated year at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

In his role as a data analyst, Joshua uses advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to break down large sets of market data into a set of clear and concise insights. He is passionate about identifying key trends and drivers within markets and using predictive models to forecast the effects of strategic decisions.

Additionally, Joshua specialises in data visualisation and enjoys creating interactive data dashboards for clients, to help them obtain a succinct snapshot of the relevant market while being part of the data process.

Joshua’s affinity for statistics extends to his love for sports, as he often keeps a close eye on the statistics sheets of football and rugby games hoping to one day create the perfect predictive model. He is also a keen competitive weightlifter, always looking to make improvements to his numbers.