Utilising an online community to evaluate and refine key promotional materials for a newly acquired asset

The problem

Our client wanted to establish whether their promotional materials were compelling and resonated with target clinicians.

They wanted guidance on which aspects of the materials are likely to drive uptake and which changes to implement to increase appeal.

The solution

We conducted a 10-day Online Community:

  • Week 1: Captured baseline perceptions & evaluation of materials
  • Week 2: Assessed the resonance of messaging through recall and explored suggested improvements
  • Follow-up In-Depth Interviews with respondents to test memorability of messages and validate insights

The impact

We identified specific aspects of the materials & messaging that were compelling, alongside areas where further refinements were required.

Our actionable recommendations provided the client with alternative wording and image selections to effectively bridge key knowledge gaps and reduce potential scepticism surrounding product use.

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