Tracking T1D Needs, Attitudes & Perceptions to Inform Portfolio Strategy

The Problem

One of our clients wanted to better understand patient and caregiver perceptions (such as perceived benefits, challenges) around ‘interoperable’ and connected T1D therapy systems.

We provided an up-to-date exploration of patient and caregiver attitudes and unmet needs with regards to T1D management, therapy preferences, key sources of influence and information points.


The Solution

Conducting a 20 minute quantitative online survey across 5 EU markets, we were able to deliver:

  • Wave-on-wave comparison
  • A new module added to pressure test hypotheses around perceived advantages and disadvantages of connected and ‘interoperable’ insulin delivery and glucose monitoring systems
  • Insights and recommendations anchored to the client’s 2024 four strategic pillars

The Impact

We identified key perceptions and unmet needs to uncover new trends against previous waves. Mapping these insights onto the client’s 2024 strategic imperatives informed a targeted approach to maximise device adoption and counter threat from competitors.