Mapping the BPM healthcare landscape in four key African markets to shape internal market strategy

The problem

Our clients have a very successful BPM offering in the EU and want to replicate this success in Africa – however, they lack the exposure and knowledge of this market.

To inform their medical marketing strategy in African markets and boost uptake of at-home BPMs, they sought our expertise as thought partners.

The solution

Initial market mapping to understand the healthcare infrastructure, patient pathway and generate hypotheses for testing in the primary research.

Followed by qualitative interviews with KOLs, cardios, pharmacists and GPs to identify key stakeholders, explore attitudes, drivers and challenges towards using BPMs.

The impact

Research revealed that given the significant differences in key stakeholders, patient pathways and attitudes and awareness, a unique African market strategy is required.

Provided a comprehensive overview of the markets and actionable recommendations to surmount barriers to BPM uptake.

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