Integrating MR and CI insights to uncover PIs’ perceptions of trial designs and drivers of trial decision-making

The Problem

The late-stage clinical development of our client’s agent for the treatment of a rare neuromuscular disease was threatened by their competitors’ aggressive timelines.

Our client wanted to evaluate PIs’ perceptions of the client’s and competitors’ trials, and understand PIs’ decision-making process in trial and patient selection, to better inform trial execution and communications.

The Solution

In-depth MR discussions with US and EU PIs involved in the client’s and/or their competitors’ ongoing studies to evaluate PIs’ experiences, challenges and opinions on trial design.

Competitive insights from secondary sources to identify suitable respondents, elevate our discussions with PIs and provide more ‘context’ to our findings.

The Impact

Insights informed eight actionable recommendations to improve trial execution and shape the field by e.g., leading discussions in disease classification.

The research also helped to understand how PIs decide which trial to run, how they select patients to enrol, and how they discuss trials with them, highlighting areas to focus on and leverage for a competitive advantage.

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