A deep-dive into the pulmonary embolism care pathway to inform our client’s future device strategy

The Problem

Our client wanted to gain a complete understanding of patient management throughout the pulmonary embolism patient flow across five European markets. Including the key HCP stakeholders we were able to inform a future marketing strategy for their device system.

Eager to uncover unmet needs within the management of PE patients, the client wanted to understand the key drivers and barriers to using their device system.

The Solution

We proceeded with a two-phase approach, starting with a Market Spotlight in PE management, which included 1:1 internal stakeholder interviews. This was followed by a qualitative exploration of the patient pathway, including decision-making, drivers and barriers.

Through individual market-specific presentations and workshops, we empowered the affiliate teams to consider local nuances and how this could impact their strategy.

The Impact

Our research enabled the identification of the most influential treatment decision-maker within the PE pathway and a methodology for our client to engage with them.

Highlighting four areas for our client to focus and shape their strategy, we provided actionable recommendations for implementation to increase awareness of not only CDT but crucially to their specific device.