21 February 2023

What’s the hype about patient influencers?

Ngozi Okoli

If you work in pharma and healthcare it’s likely you may have seen and heard the term ‘patient influencer’ with increasing frequency over the last few years, and you may be wondering…

What is a patient influencer? What do they do? Why should I engage with them?

Well look no further; over the next couple of months, our latest content series will be talking about all things patient influencers, and how they are having an enormous impact on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Patient influencers are arguably the most visible and trusted health consumers. They are super users of the healthcare system, living with or caring for those with chronic conditions, and their goal is simple: to raise awareness of and help others within their condition communities.

Check out our infographic below for a brief introduction to patient influencers.

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What are patient influencers Infographic