1 November 2019

We have launched our new London Office!

In January 2018, we opened our first London office, this was a significant step in our growth as we expanded out of our Cambridge headquarters. We took on a modest office on Cheapside, with the ambition to grow into the space, which we did very quickly!

18 months later, we are proud of our growth trajectory. Our London team has grown from three to 30 (and counting!). As we opened our new office in London’s Shoreditch with a party, we want to reflect on what makes the teams at Vox.Bio and CHR so unique.

The growth of our team is a testament to the high quality, client-focused work we deliver. Our consultants and market researchers, truly embody our values of collaboration and curiosity going beyond the brief to deliver lasting value to our clients. Our new, larger space has been designed to provide more opportunities for our team to collaborate.

As our team grows, so too do our areas of expertise. Beyond our market leading capabilities in competitive and product strategy, our consulting team has significant, commercially developed experience in pharma marketing, communication and market research.

This year, we also welcomed three non-executive board members in Stella Wooder, Marjorie Norman and Chris Stevenson. With them, they bring a wealth of pharma and MedDev industry experience to help guide us through our future growth.

We are building a company for the future and with this comes our commitment to our corporate social responsibility. Directed by our charity committee, beyond the value we offer to our clients, we are inspired by donating time, expertise and money to local charities, associations, and patient groups.

Our growing teams is dedicated to delivering industry leading insights, want to find out how we can support your brand team? Contact us on: contact@vox.bio