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Celebrating Five Years

The teams from Vox.Bio and Cambridge Healthcare Research, celebrated our five-year anniversary last week. We...

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Is the era of PowerPoint over?

Vox.Bio has just returned from a thought provoking EphMRA conference in Warsaw. A significant number...

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Empowering patients with pick and mix management tools

Whilst hybrid closed loop systems dominated the sessions and conference narrative at the American Diabetes...

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BHBIA Conference 2019

On 13th and 14th May 2019 BHBIA members descended on a hotel in Windsor for...

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How We Use Secondary Landscape Analysis to Build Confidence in Our Research Insights

We are coming towards the end of a qualitative research project and so far, so...

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Can Consumer Technology Really Improve Long Term Health Outcomes?

The preliminary results of the Apple Heart Study highlight the potential role that consumer digital...

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Why the First 10 Minutes of Qualitative Research are so Important

When budgets are tight and there is a lot of content to cover clients often...

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A Quick Guide to MaxDiff

MaxDiff, also known as best-worst scaling, is a quantitative tool providing prioritisation of needs, attributes...

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Happy Holidays!!

Vox.Bio celebrated the holiday season with a lunch in London for our UK based team....

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Market Research with Oncology Patients

Market research with onocology patients, even those with metastatic or terminal diagnosis is not out...

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UEGW Highlights

Immunology is one of Vox.Bio’s therapeutic areas of expertise and there is a lot happening...

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Everything you need to know about the use of Conjoint in Health Market Research

“Conjoint”, especially in the context of healthcare research, can be considered a daunting and scary...

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How does switching to biosimilars effect patients?

On October 16th AbbVie’s blockbuster Humira will face competition from at least four biosimilars in...

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CAR-T Therapies and the Challenge of Pricing Research

NHS England has become the first EU country to approve a full access deal for...

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Summer Social

For Vox.Bio’s Summer Social event this year we headed out into (a very hot and...

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The Rise of Orals

With four oral JAK-i therapies expected to be available to rheumatoid arthritis patients by the...

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There is a Right and a Wrong Way to do KOL Research

KOL interviews can be a fantastic resource to gain an expert insight in to, for...

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Complementary Therapies in Breast Cancer

ASCO has endorsed SIO guidelines to encourage clinicians to discuss alternative therapies with patients Many...

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ASCO Highlights

The largest clinical oncology conference provided an insight into the future of oncology care from...

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The Research Ripple Effect

The BHBIA’s Annual Conference did not disappoint again this year. The conference topic ‘The Ripple...

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Digital Health in Respiratory Care

Cambridge’s medical innovation community is exploring how digital technology can help to support and enhance...

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