3 April 2020

Mindfulness Event

The arrival of Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns have placed a large amount of stress and pressure on society, including on individuals now working from home. With April also being stress awareness month, it’s now more important than ever for firms to support them during these challenging times.

At Vox.Bio, we believe that maintaining our team’s mental well-being is crucial and at the forefront of our identity. With that in mind, we recently hosted an introduction to mindfulness session through Grow Mindful UK, Elinor Brown, to help our researchers and consultants manage the added stress. Mindfulness seeks to offer us more agency in how to handle our emotions beyond meditation through a feeling of calmness and awareness.

Following positive feedback from those who took the class, we have expanded our employee health benefits to enable team members to use part of their monthly allowance for mental well-being initiatives such as classes or apps. We have also donated to the Mindfulness in Schools Project, a charity that provides mindfulness training to help students.

Vox.Bio seeks to empower our team to support society and we’ll soon share new initiatives being brought forward by our team to help support those fighting Covid-19.