22 May 2023

Looking Back To Look Forward – What can we learn from looking at failed innovation from digital leaders in big tech

Harry Bullimore

We’re passionate about insights and data, and Vox.Bio we believe that looking beyond your own industry can sometimes be a great source of inspiration and learning.

This rings especially true when working in the Digital Health and Med Tech space, where parallels can be drawn in some of the challenges that mainstream tech companies must overcome. For our next instalment of our Digi Health series, we’re looking at top tech giants, and seeing what we can learn from some of their more challenging innovations.

Over the last decade, Microsoft, Alibaba and Google have created products that have changed the way we communicate, and interact for the better, they have shaped the tech landscape in unprecedented ways. However, where there is great successes in innovation, there are also failures.

Take a look below at our 9-page infographic where we summarise some of these failures, drawing parallels to lessons the healthcare industry can take.


What can we learn from big tech