2 July 2019

Is the era of PowerPoint over?

Vox.Bio has just returned from a thought provoking EphMRA conference in Warsaw. A significant number of the sessions this year focused on how interactive and engaging deliverables had a more significant impact across the business. We have also found this in our work and it got us thinking, is the era of PowerPoint over?

From interactive patient pathways to virtual reality videos market research companies are really upping their game when it comes to delivering insights.

As healthcare market researchers we are privileged enough to be immersed in the experiences of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. In the past, communicating these moments of truth to brand teams during a presentation could be a challenge. But, as the cost and time required to setup apps and VR these channels have become more accessible.

During the setup phase of any research project it is essential to understand not only what the research will be used for but how different internal stakeholders want to consume the data. Do they want to bring the patient into the board room as they develop a commercialisation strategy? Do they want to consume data in snapshots?

Does this mean PowerPoint reports are a thing of the past? Sadly, not exactly.

Most insights teams still need the breadth and detail provided by the traditional PowerPoint format. However, for other internal stakeholders delivering insights using interactive platforms, immersive videos or workshops help insights resonate. And critically, when insights resonate, they will have a longer life span in the company.

Get in touch with our Research Director Lucy Snowdon to discuss how immersive deliverables can help to disseminate insights throughout your organisation: Lucy.Snowdon@Vox.Bio