7 March 2023

How can different methodologies work together to uncover richer patient insights?

Roksi Yafet Gambas

One methodology will always struggle to give you a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the marketplace. By working with multiple methodologies, we are able to shed a brighter light on what is most important.

Traditional patient research seeks to answer questions based on the patient in isolation – taking them out of their natural habitat and putting them in an interview setting, subconsciously shifting their behaviour.  While this creates an effective environment to get certain questions answered, it also often means that we may not be getting the full story. What influences them the most? What matters to them day to day? What do they say is important vs what do they passionately discuss, complain about or appreciate the most?

At Vox.Bio we believe that using multiple technologies is the best way to build a bigger, and clearer picture of understanding your patient. Take a look at the short infographic below to see how different methodologies can work together to uncover richer insights.