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Vox.Bio exhibiting at Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC)

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC) on February...

VoxBio team

Data analytics: Using your data to its full potential

Overview of the role of data analytics in market research A systematic approach to interpreting...

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Vox @ EPHMRA: How to find the edge in strategic innovation

Vox Bio delivered an engaging case study at the Ephmra conference, alongside our client on...

VoxBio team

Vox @ BHBIA 22: Evolution of the NHS

Vox Bio led a panel discussion with Tim Straughan (Director of NHS @home) and Stephen...

VoxBio team

Advanced Analytics: Understanding stakeholder preferences through conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis is a statistical method that can be used to evaluate and measure the...

VoxBio team

Healthcare Market Research and Pharma CI: Two Parts of the Same Whole

Strategic decisions for pipeline assets and brands require robust and creative analysis which leaves no...

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Cambridge Healthcare Research appoints Head of Operations Rich McLean, formerly Head of European Operations at Amazon

Rich McLean joins CHR and Vox.Bio as Head of Operations Rich offers the group a...

VoxBio team

Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping

We often hear from clients that they have hung a patient journey map on the...

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Interview with Senior Research Executive, Beth Ayerst

Recently, we sat down with Senior Research Executive Beth Ayerst to discuss worklife at Vox.Bio...

VoxBio team

CHR for Society shares new logo and branding, making a more impactful presence with their Corporate Social Responsibility framework

Our CSR team is very happy to announce the launch of new branding to accompany...

VoxBio team

Vox.Bio and CHR welcomes Steve Scott as new Head of Finance

Steve joins the Vox.Bio and CHR team We are very happy to announce the new...

VoxBio team

Re-think Your Next RfP: The Benefits of Real-world Approaches in Healthcare Market Research

In order to make strategic decisions to enhance their competitive edge, pharmaceutical brand teams require...

VoxBio team

Part II-Should Your Strategy be a Destination or a Journey

There are several signs that your existing classical strategy approach is not delivering for you:...

VoxBio team

Part I-Should Your Strategy Be A Destination Or A Journey?

As someone who has spent considerable amount of time in healthcare management consulting, I have...

VoxBio team

Unlocking the Opportunity in Axial Spondyloarthritis – Treating the Visible and the Invisible

AxSpA (axial spondyloarthritis) is an autoimmune disease that affects the axial skeleton, characterised by the...

VoxBio team

Keep Looking: Beyond Market Research Methodologies

In a celebrated episode of the UK based detective series, Inspector Morse, the eponymous hero...

VoxBio team

Supporting Young Minds

This World Mental Health day, we have looked back over the last seven months and...

VoxBio team

Has COVID-19 Indefinitely Disrupted the Pharma Sales Model?

Unlike many other industries, where significant job cuts have been made in response to the...

VoxBio team

The Gene Therapy Revolution Has Arrived. But What’s Next?

More than 20 gene therapies have been approved worldwide, in addition to over 900 INDs...

VoxBio team

Is the US Finally Ready for the Biosimilar Boom?

The emergence of biosimilars has provided promise of increased cost-savings and increased patient accessibility to...

VoxBio team

Managing cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of clinical care globally – no doubt. Amid efforts put...

VoxBio team

Welcome to our new CEO Chris Stevenson

Vox.Bio and Cambridge Healthcare Research are thrilled to announce the appointment of Chris Stevenson as...

VoxBio team

COVID-19 Dissecting the Therapeutic and Vaccine Landscape

Anti-virals? Antibodies? Immunomodulators? Vaccines? If you have a functioning pair of eyes and ears, you...

VoxBio team

Mindfulness Event

The arrival of Covid-19 and the resultant lockdowns have placed a large amount of stress...

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