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Vox.Bio Senior Research Executive, Gaia Ferracci PhD, wins EPHMRA’s 2023 Young Professional Grant

We’re thrilled to announce that Gaia Ferracci, Senior Research Executive has been announced as one...

VoxBio team

No more box-ticking: the rise of digitalisation will finally put patients front and centre

Pharmaceutical companies increasingly claim to be ‘patient-centric’ – a ‘tick-box’ buzzword used primarily to improve...

Aneesa Sajid

Looking Back To Look Forward – What can we learn from looking at failed innovation from digital leaders in big tech

We’re passionate about insights and data, and Vox.Bio we believe that looking beyond your own...

Harry Bullimore

The future of digital health in healthcare

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest content series – Digital Health. Matt Lasmanis Chief Technology...

VoxBio team

Vox.Bio to exhibit at Med-Tech 2023

We are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Med-Tech conference being hosted in Birmingham...

Angus Coleman

Assessing social data as real-world data: its benefits, its risks, its future

As researchers and practitioners increasingly seek information beyond the traditional boundaries of randomised control trials,...

Private: Sally Waddington

Vox.Bio to host: The role of the patient influencer in the future of healthcare (Webinar)

Following our recent content series on patient influencers (check out the blog series here), we’re...

VoxBio team

Advice from a patient influencer

During the BHBIA Winter Conference 2022, we hosted a seminar with patient influencer Mesha Moinirad,...

Ngozi Okoli

How can different methodologies work together to uncover richer patient insights?

One methodology will always struggle to give you a comprehensive picture of what is happening...

Roksi Yafet Gambas

What’s the hype about patient influencers?

If you work in pharma and healthcare it’s likely you may have seen and heard...

Ngozi Okoli

The rise of mHealth in sub-Saharan Africa: A more affordable and accessible healthcare future

mHealth is booming in sub-Saharan Africa and is revolutionising the way healthcare services are provided,...

Gaia Ferracci

Ask The Expert – An Interview with Stephen Godwin

At Vox.Bio, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the brightest minds across healthcare,...

Aneesa Sajid

Vox.Bio exhibiting at Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC)

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC) on February...

VoxBio team

Five steps to succeeding with suppliers

Better relationships and more explicit expectations between research agencies and their suppliers can help create...

VoxBio team

Data analytics: Using your data to its full potential

Overview of the role of data analytics in market research A systematic approach to interpreting...

VoxBio team

Vox @ EPHMRA: How to find the edge in strategic innovation

Vox Bio delivered an engaging case study at the Ephmra conference, alongside our client on...

VoxBio team

Vox @ BHBIA 22: Evolution of the NHS

Vox Bio led a panel discussion with Tim Straughan (Director of NHS @home) and Stephen...

VoxBio team

Advanced Analytics: Understanding stakeholder preferences through conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis is a statistical method that can be used to evaluate and measure the...

VoxBio team

Healthcare Market Research and Pharma CI: Two Parts of the Same Whole

Strategic decisions for pipeline assets and brands require robust and creative analysis which leaves no...

VoxBio team

Cambridge Healthcare Research appoints Head of Operations Rich McLean, formerly Head of European Operations at Amazon

Rich McLean joins CHR and Vox.Bio as Head of Operations Rich offers the group a...

VoxBio team

Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping

We often hear from clients that they have hung a patient journey map on the...

VoxBio team

Interview with Senior Research Executive, Beth Ayerst

Recently, we sat down with Senior Research Executive Beth Ayerst to discuss worklife at Vox.Bio...

VoxBio team

CHR for Society shares new logo and branding, making a more impactful presence with their Corporate Social Responsibility framework

Our CSR team is very happy to announce the launch of new branding to accompany...

VoxBio team

Vox.Bio and CHR welcomes Steve Scott as new Head of Finance

Steve joins the Vox.Bio and CHR team We are very happy to announce the new...

VoxBio team

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