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We can help you navigate your market through specialised medical device and technology market research.

Market research plays a crucial role in the field of medical technology (Med-Tech) by providing valuable insights and data that help drive strategic decision-making, product development, and overall business success. Med Tech companies operate in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment, where understanding market trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape is essential. Vox.Bio is passionate about Med-Tech and the impact it is having on healthcare and healthcare systems globally. We’ve got extensive experience in supporting medical device and technology companies across their full product development to launch cycle.

Why work with a market research company to support Med-Tech product?

Use Market Research to help you understand what your customer wants and needs.

Market research helps identify and understand customer needs. Med Tech products and services are developed to address specific healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes. By conducting thorough market research, companies can gain valuable insights into the preferences, requirements, and pain points of healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients. This understanding enables Med Tech companies to develop products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their target audience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and adoption rates.


At Vox.Bio we are experienced in supporting our clients in improving patients’ experiences with their products. By using a wealth of qualitative and quantitative market research techniques we’re able to provide actionable insights that help our clients know that their devices will make a difference and that their communications will connect.

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Unlock your potential with Med-Tech market research

At Vox.Bio, we use market research to help assess market potential and opportunities. The Med Tech industry is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. Market research helps companies identify market gaps, unmet needs, and emerging trends, enabling them to capitalize on new opportunities. Through market analysis, we can evaluate the size of your  addressable market, assess the growth potential, and identify target segments for their products. This information allows them to make informed decisions about resource allocation, product positioning, and market entry strategies.


Take your Med-Tech marketing strategy further, with Vox.Bio’s unique approach to Market Research

Understanding the market dynamics, customer preferences, and the competitive landscape is crucial for developing successful marketing campaigns. Our market research provides insights into the most effective communication channels, messaging strategies, and pricing models that resonate with the target audience. We help companies determine the optimal distribution channels and partnerships to reach their customers efficiently. By leveraging market research findings, Med Tech companies can craft targeted marketing strategies that effectively communicate the value proposition of their products and differentiate themselves from competitors – giving them the power of knowing that their strategy will succeed.

Make more impactful decisions, with evidence-based decision-making.

Med Tech companies often face complex and resource-intensive decisions regarding product development, pricing, market-entry, and investment priorities. Market research provides reliable data and insights that support decision-making, reducing the risks associated with uncertainty and speculation. By basing decisions on solid market research, companies can increase the chances of success and avoid costly mistakes. Whether it is determining the feasibility of a new product concept, evaluating market expansion opportunities, or assessing competitive threats, market research serves as a compass, guiding companies towards informed and calculated decisions.

Be ready to react to changes in the market, by staying closely connected to your market with long term and continuous research

The Med Tech industry is characterized by rapid technological advancements, evolving regulations, and shifting customer expectations. Continuous market research enables companies to stay attuned to these changes and adjust their strategies accordingly. It helps identify emerging trends, competitive threats, and areas of potential disruption. By monitoring the market landscape, Med Tech companies can proactively respond to market shifts, update their product portfolios, and seize new opportunities. At Vox.Bio we are uniquely positioned to support your market research needs, and also, with the help of our sister competitive intelligence division Solici, can help you gain an unrivalled understanding of your market.

We’re experienced in supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes within the Med-Tech space. Including:

  • Large Med Tech Companies
  • New to market, disrupters companies
  • Healthcare Providers and Institutions
  • Investors and Financial Institutions
  • Clinicians and Practitioners

We break the market research mould

At Vox.Bio no two clients are the same, and that’s why we tailor every piece of market research specifically to your needs. Across our experienced team we will work with you to define your challenge in the market, and build a robust approach to give you the insights and data you need to know that your strategy will succeed.

  • Some of the tools we use include:
  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Secondary research
  • Market Analysis and segmentation
  • Patient influencer and key opinion leader research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ethnographic research
  • Concept/ TPP testing
  • Lifestyle management and portfolio management
  • Social media listening
  • Patient Journey mapping.

Get in-depth insights and know that your strategy will succeed, your device will differentiate, and your communications will connect with Vox.Bio’s approach to Med-Tech Market Research

Our team can work closely with you to develop a customised research plan that meets your organisation’s specific needs and goals. We use a range of research methods, including surveys, focus groups, interviews, and secondary research, to gather the most relevant and accurate data. At Vox.Bio, we are committed to delivering high-quality research that provides actionable insights and drives business growth. Contact us today to learn more about how our Med-Tech market research services can help your organisation succeed in the competitive and ever-changing field of Med-Tech.

Find out how med-tech market research can help your business flourish.

At Vox.Bio, we are dedicated to helping our clients make informed decisions about their products and services through our market research and analysis. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to learn more about how we can help your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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