Abstract Impact Live

An interactive platform providing in-the-moment engagement from your target prescribers at conferences


  • Access information in real time to understand the impact of your activities

  • Monitor your competitors’ actions live (around abstracts, booths, and symposia)

  • Speed up your decision-making

"We appreciated having direct access to the platform so that we could see what was happening in real-time"


So you can stay in-the-know with current information as it unfolds at conferences – live and interactive from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Landscapes are constantly evolving across therapy areas due to rapid and continuous innovation, so gaining timely insights and stakeholder reactions to catalytic events is now even more crucial.

What it is

Real-time reactions to data read-outs from your target prescribers, to quickly understand the impact of the data on your market

1. From pivotal clinical trial read-outs through to retrospective real-world studies.

2. Fast, objective understanding of how your own and competitors’ new data is being received within the scientific community.

3. Monitor changing views of stakeholders over time with the release of new data.

How it works

Respondents: A panel of your target HCPs attending the conference are recruited.

Structure: A real-time online platform is used to canvas opinion on the data read-out. Light-touch moderation with respondent follow-up where necessary.

View data in real-time: Quick service access to a live feed as respondents complete in the moment tasks during the conference.

Add survey questions on an ad-hoc basis: to ensure key insights are probed, questions can be included live throughout the project.

Open up discussion: For peer-to-peer interaction.

“The project ran very smoothly and the insights are great! The report is very well structured and comprehensive - well done! I am going to share the report with our other brands to see if there is interest for our upcoming conferences”


In-the-moment: Swift, and impactful feedback from your target prescribers at conferences ​

Actionable: Fresh perspectives on HCP needs and clinical focus, to help shape your future activities and engagements​

Personalised: HCPs are recruited according to your specifications, and the insights are private to you

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